However, the owner plans to open an art museum in Chiba, Japan, where the painting will be displayed with the rest of his collection. The image depicts a skull made of black strokes of ink with yellow, red, and white lines crossing to make the outlook of the image. This semi-abstract painting is set against a blue background. There are other strokes of painting around the human skull image to give it a contemporary feel and look. There are unsmoothed strokes of paint around the skull, which gives it a retro feel and style. In the past, the painter has made other incredible images, such as the first Untitled, which was a painting of the devil. This one follows the same trend and genre.

The skull is considered self-portraiture. Viewers believe that the background and its somewhat grainy features show how it exists between life and death. Its eyes are listless, as if focused on a particular space ahead of it. The head also looks subdued in a steady gaze. The wild marks all over the head are meant to show that some activity is going on in the head. Therefore, the owner may be a person that is passing on. Unsure of where he is going and too unhappy to leave the world, the skull is fixated on life beyond this earth.

Other critiques believe that this is the search for self-identity. The skull presents people that are torn between two worlds, unsure where to identify with. As shown by activity in the brain, the person thinks hard but is still depressed and unsure of the next step.

The Style of the Image

This painter uses neo-expressionism style in his painting. The art was artists’ rejection of minimal and conceptual art that came to be in the early 1970s. In the image, Jean uses recognisable objects such as the human skull in an emotional and rough manner. Besides, there is the use of vivid colours to push his agenda further. The style is figurative as it provides a far bigger message than shown on the image. Jean pushes his agenda of the death dilemma in a simple but rough and violent way, which results in this masterpiece.