Though it has a simple design, the crown made a bold statement since it portrayed his ambition to be considered among the greatest artists. It also challenged westerners and their histories by depicting black men as kings and saints. Untitled, 1982 (Crown) by Jean-Michel Basquiat these artworks depict black bold lines and the three-pointed crown. A closer look into the artwork has writings embroidered into the painting and they are vague together with other drawings. Through his use of the crown motif, his recognizes other artists and influencers.

Basquiat used the graffiti style in his artworks which were related to cartoons. His mastery of art allowed him to produce figures from jagged lines through which he ensured the key elements were identifiable. He did his artwork straight from his heart which depicted his unconventional lifestyle thus he used all manner of materials. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a mixed media artist and he would anything for his art pieces ranging from ink, felt-tip pens, acrylic pens and markers. In his artwork Untitled, 1982 (Crown) by Jean-Michel Basquiat the thick lines of the crown are typical of the materials he would use for his artworks. The theme of this artwork alongside his other artworks was to pass clear messages on social issues including slavery and racism in New York and the greater US.

Thanks to Basquiat's bold, Neo-Expressionist style that street poetry and pop culture were showcased to the world and they received a massive following. Besides the popularity of his work, made the graffiti sub-culture be a critically embraced art form and it found relevance in fine art galleries. Jean-Michel Basquiat used the crown to pass the following messages: depict himself as a king, an acknowledgement of the people who influence him and showcase his ambition of becoming great. The latter which he achieved since his artworks became valuable and even broke records as the most valuable artwork. Also after his death, his artworks received a lot of recognition and coverage which achieved him the status of a king. Similar to other artists his artworks were criticized because he depicted himself as a saint and a king yet he had issues with his identity and he struggled with self-doubt. Jean-Michel Basquiat reinvented the crown and its usage over time.

Untitled, 1982 (Crown) in Detail Jean-Michel Basquiat