Moreover, the images also focused on names or logos meant to be a calling card or trademark. This was the beginning point of Basquiat. Jean-Michel Basquiat graffiti developed in a more abstract direction, with his artwork displaying lots of mystery and was full of symbolism.

Style and technique

Basquiat's paintings are full of frenetic, directed energy and filled with vivid colours. The result of his artworks came out unfocused and raw. However, in truth, this was the opposite of what they are. You will be ignoring their context if you consider them to be raw and unfocused. Their impact and concept resulted in their depth. The untitled 1980 painting produced an iconography that feels very modern while at the same time drawing inspiration from various styles of art. The medium that Basquiat used in this painting was enamel, oil stick used on enamelled metal and spray paint. The untitled 1980 pieces conveyed sharp, short and, most of the time, anti-materialist messages.

This art was normally seen as a sign of vandalism and trespassing. Basquiat's art became an artistic tool or branding tool and represented a crucial stage in developing Basquiat's work. The concept behind Untitled 1980 began with Basquiat involving himself with drama projects in New York. While taking on this project, he took a character that was focused on selling fake religion. He began to spray paints of slogans across subway trains. This was a way of releasing some steam. With time, it was realized that this artwork displayed a crucial role compared to other conventional graffiti tags. This artwork was a refreshener course as he was making a statement.

Influences and inspirations

Basquiat often drew inspiration from African art and because of this, it was easy to refer to him as a black artist but he always wanted to be referred to as an artist. The antagonism of how people saw him and how he wanted to present himself was documented through his work. His work is aggressive, which means it demands a response from the viewers. It's not easy to ignore his work. Through his work, viewers can understand Basquiat's inner struggles by viewing his artworks. He has collaborated with other artists such as Al Diaz in artworks such as the famous SAMO.

Some of his other famous artworks include; Fishing of 1981 and bird on money of 1981. Some of the other related artworks include; Lepanto, part IX and Quattro Stagioni II. Autunno. Other artists such as Banksy of the UK have drawn inspiration from Basquiat's artwork and groundbreaking career. Basquiat's artwork continues to have an impact the art history and inspire generations to come.