One of his acknowledged artworks is To repel ghosts, representing crayons on wood canvases on how he overcame demons on his epic journey. He describes his tragic life through paintings.


To repel Ghosts is a painting done during neo-Expressionism, street art by Jean-Michel Basquiat and was completed in 1986. The art was painted using crayons and wood measuring 112 by 83cm. The art is an exhibition of two years before the death of Michel while he was traveling to Abidjan. It reflects on Basquiat's life on repelling ghosts, as they tirelessly attacked him. He nearly dies on his journey because of the demons.


His art, to repel ghosts, is an attempt to protect his territory an introduction to the world of ghosts. It is a guideline to visitors to have an idea about events, places, and biographies on the extraordinary encounter of spirits. To Repel Ghosts is a colour offset lithograph medium.

On a short film by Phillipe Lacotes on 'to repel ghosts' by Michel's art, he presents a photograph where Jean Michel is seated on a canal boat in a lake surrounded by buildings and thick forest. A Caucasian man is seated beside Jean Michel. A white woman is standing at the back of the boat with a camera. At the front, a black man is rowing the boat; this is a photo of Michel in Cote d'Ivoire.

Philipe narrates his journey and his several encounters with ghosts and how he repelled them. The revelation is that Jean Basquiat did not conceive. Basquiat's perfect crayon-on-wood work to repel ghosts is a reflection of his long journey. Phillipe's exhibition to repel ghosts about Mishel in Cote d'Ivoire is one of the African metropolises at the Santa Barbara International film festival.

Inspirations and Influences

He got his inspiration from his Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother because of the mixed cultural heritage. He was passionate about drawing, and he began his painting at a relatively tender age. Some of Basquiat's notable works are;

This artist has inspired other artists from his relentless work, such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Warhol happens to be young Basquiat's mentor and they have done several paintings together. To repel ghost painting is now preserved at private collection.