In his lifetime, Basquiat did many projects that made him stand out among many artists of the late 20th century. In this guide, we will discuss 'television and cruelty to animal' one of his best paintings of 1983. This painting is currently located at Whitney Museum of American Art. Basquiat, was an American artist born in Brooklyn on December 1960. His art life was instilled by his mother, who took him on several trips to the art museum of Manhattan. Although this artistic genius was a high school dropout, he was well-read in French, Spanish, and English.

Television and Cruelty to Animals

Television and Cruelty to animal is among the best painting that demonstrates Basquiat creative talent. This artist completed the artwork in 1983, and the painting used a collection of symbols present in other work he has done. Although the genesis of the word television and Cruelty to animals is not clearly drawn. This artwork uses a neo-expressionism form of street art to pass the message. The work incorporates references to racism, slavery and the present life of his time in New York. Nonetheless, racism is common in this masterpiece when he cancels a Nazis symbol with black colour. Television and Cruelty to animals incorporate words, figures, anagrams and numbers. This action might result from the fact that Basquiat had a heavy influence from another graffiti artist on the street of New York. Nevertheless, the book by Gray Anatomy also contributed to his style, particularly when he was drawing animals and human form.

The theme of this artwork

In his painting, Basquiat uses a combination of various themes when working on television and Cruelty. In this masterpiece, Basquiat was fascinated with the process of creating. He focused more on the dichotomies of integration, inner and outer life experiences. To utilizing his painting, he united text and image through abstraction and contemporary art. Furthermore, Basquiat used colour to attack western histories by depicting black people as saints and kings. Also, Basquiat was aware of the historical struggle a black person undergoes. That is why he uses a frying bat to demonstrate that black people are ready to struggle and overcome the intent of their resistance.


Although Jean-Michel Basquiat died in his twenties, in the late 20th century, Basquiat, immerged among the most influential and epic artist. In his work, Television and Cruelty to animals, he showcases his hate on racism and demonstrate blacks are willing to overcome their struggle.