The self-portrait painting is one of many painting that Jean-Michel Basquiat did to depict certain issues in the society through painting. Jean-Michel Basquiat used bright and cool colors in the painting which makes to show the true artistic work in the painting.

As the painting name goes, self –portrait, the painting depicts the image of man with the artist painting his eyes, mouth, nose and ears red. The neck was painted black and the rest of the body red. Jean-Michel Basquiat used the color technique in order to communicate to the viewer.

The painting shows the most important things in a human being in order to operate normally which include eyes, mouth, nose and ears. Jean-Michel Basquiat also maintained the original idea of the painting to be comical.

The painting depicts a man who has shaggy air and seems to be depressed. The artist wanted to show the viewer that is one has to use his body organs well such as mouth since they can either make or break life.

Jean-Michel Basquiat also painted several letter near the mouth with a red arrow connecting the mouth and the eyes. Jean-Michel Basquiat wanted the viewer to learn that one has to watch and think whatever the mouth says since it can make or break.

The painting self –portrait is a reflection of the society through art. Jean-Michel Basquiat was inspired to the self-portrait painting and other painting by his Caribbean heritage.

The self-portrait painting serves as a comical art and at the same time educative art. Jean-Michel Basquiat was able to reflect and share his inner thoughts through the painting.

Jean-Michel Basquiat a closer look at the painting shows a man who seems to be confused and depressed. However, the main idea behind the self-portrait painting was to show the viewer the importance of using the mind properly.

Jean-Michel Basquiat used colors to enrich the painting meaning and appearance by painting the important features with red paint.

The Self-Portrait was a piece that was well designed by Jean-Michel Basquiat to show his unique art skills and at the same time express his inner feeling and thoughts to the viewer. The use of of both warm and cool colors gave the painting a good look.