Neo-expressionism gives the artist the freedom to imagine, which Jean-Michel Basquiat shows in this painting. Jean-Michel Basquiat used acrylic and oil to draw on a canvas. It was 243.8 by 156.2 cm when commissioned, although different art houses customised it to fit their specifications.

The Reasoning

By virtue, Neo-expressionism is a complete shift from conceptual art and gives it an abstract appearance. It is sometimes rough and “emotional” as the artist brings forth their imagination compactly. The Self Portrait as a Heel, Part Two uniquely shows Jean-Michel Basquiat. His dreadlock and face are the only proportional aspect of the drawing.

Other features such as the black and white colouring are imaginative, with 2 hands popping from the background. The 2 words, composite and back view, have no direct inference to the painting but bring randomness to the painting. The marks all over the painting also have no direct proportionality to the “creature.” This painting perfectly brings out randomness, which is a significant feature in Neo-expressionism street art.

The Self Portrait as a Heel, Part Two was part of the 1983 Larry Gagosian Gallery exhibition, 1985 University of California Museum Art and the 1988 Arts Museum of Florida exhibition. Other documented exhibitions are the 1992-94 Museum of Fine Arts and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. The painting is currently at the Larry Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles.

Other Jean-Michel Basquiat Neo-Expressionism Works

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a prominent figure in Neo-expressionism street art. Although he died young, his paintings are still valid to date. He learnt most of this craft from Cy Twombly, Michel Majerus and Jammie Holmes. Andy Warhol was his checkmate, who complimented his craft. His neighbourhood influenced his way of life, which he expressed in his artwork.

Some of his famous paintings include The Hollywood African (19830, Boy and Dog in a Johhypump (1982) and Irony of a Negro Policeman (1981). His focus was on equality in the society, segregation and livelihood, especially in America. After his untimely death, his painting increased in value due to their significance in society. The Neo-expressionism fraternity also honoured him for his contribution to the movement. Jean-Michel Basquiat’s life and works are still vivid today. The Self Portrait as a Heel, Part Two, is a reminder of how complex human life as, and why we should respect human life.