Jean Michel Basquiat didn’t use any technical skills to make the valuable insights be seen. His outspoken, carefree personality matched his colourful paintings. Rice and chicken depict the stereotypical view of black people’s love of chicken. It describes a black person who is a slave serving food to a white person who is the master. The painting was a form of propaganda. For many years, Artists have used their Art works to promote a certain message or vision. Rice and chicken was meant to be brush in its message and drive the message and vision deep into society. The meaning comes from the stereotype of black people's love of chicken, which came from slavery when black people were servants to the slave masters.

Rice and chicken focus on suggestive dichotomies, such as wealth and poverty, integration versus segregation and inner versus outer experience. The artwork also speaks for itself with very clear messaging on social issues such as racism, slavery, and other items related to the culture of the Afro Caribbean community in New York and the broader US. Rice and chicken depicts political problems and stereotypical views going on within black culture.

Jean Michel Blaquait painted Rice and chicken using the acronym SAMO, which meant same old sh*t. Placement, colour and size calculated all aspects of Jean Michel Blaquait artwork. The artworks message would create his image in the art world; therefore, his subject matter was well thought out. He was in charge of his own decisions. The paintings field of vision is flattened, and the perspective is removed. The general outcomes of Rice and chicken show that he blended ideas, words, colours, and images to come up with this simple artwork.

Rice and chicken is a simple drawing. Jean Michel Blasquat used simplistic approach that resembles a child’s first drawing. He abandoned any sense of adult logic and reverted to the immediacy of a child’s mind. His main aim was to create intrigue, drama, propaganda and fascination in his work. The simplicity approach is a hallmark of most of the modern art movements. The work of Jean Michel Basquiat is considered as neo-expressionism and primitivism. His works have become popular in recent years, and many notable retailers have gotten proper licenses to reproduce and sell his artworks through the web. The original Rice and chicken painting are in a private collection.