In the left hand, the character holds a club or mace while the right hand cradles a bone which is identical to three others shown to the left hand side of the picture. Above the centerpiece is a circular 'halo', perhaps to signify the power of the character. The cape has a 'see through' effect on the left hand side which allows us to read the Ribs, Ribs written below.

What does the artist mean

Art experts suggest that the imagery contained in the artwork reveals many of the subjects that interest the artist. Religion and power are subjects he has referred to in many of his works, while the 'super hero' in this work replaces the sporting and musical hero's which are the subject of other works. The use of a superhero character may be a recognition of the artists formative years. It is possible that the bone in the hand is a religious reference to the bible story of god creating Eve from one of Adam's ribs.

Painting or Drawing

This drawing is of such a size that it is considered to indicate that the artist did not differentiate between the importance of paintings and drawings. That is, using paper and oil sticks for this work does not reduce its importance to the artist and shows a willingness to utilize a wide range of materials when producing his artwork. This piece of art suggests that the artist was not prepared to be constrained by the convention of 'normal' when he felt the urge to record his thoughts and ideas. The brightly and heavily coloured cape and uniform of the central figure are contrasted by the simplistic and monochrome elements in other parts of the piece.


It is notable that the majority of the artwork is created rather simply, with broad strokes and bright colouring for the superhero set against a minimalist background. This is contrasted by the much greater detail shown in the face of the superhero. Teeth, a mask or glasses are clearly seen while the arms and hands are mere 'sticks'. There are no legs, the body of the character appearing to 'float' above the bright red coloured boots.