Jean-Michel Basquiat used dark colors in the pork Sans painting in order to communicate his message to the viewer. This technique is commonly used by artists especially who are critical about certain things within the society, and therefore they use their artwork skills to express themselves.

In the pork sans painting, the artist painted an image of a man who seems to be crazy or has been going through hard times. Jean-Michel Basquiat used black color to paint the face of the man depicted in the painting to show the actual pain the man was going through.

A closer look at the Pork sans painting reveals to the viewer several things that were going on in the mind of Jean-Michel Basquiat when he was doing the painting.

Those who don’t love art work might take the drawing for granted or just another painting by an artist. However Jean-Michel Basquiat wanted to illustrate something very important using the pork Sans painting.

The painting is divided into two sections, the upper section and the lower section. The upper section has a painting of man face, a circle and some few letters.

The lower section has the painting depicting the image of a man who is going through such a great pain and agony and that the main theme that Jean-Michel Basquiat wanted to pass across to his viewers.

The pork Sans painting demonstrates Jean-Michel Basquiat unique talents to communicate a message to people using his art skills. He did this while still maintaining the main aim of the painting to remain comical and funny but he was able to communicate to the viewer about the problems people face in the society.

The use of black color in this painting also brings more sense to the whole painting. The artist could not have used anything better than lines to complete the whole painting.

A look at the hair of the man who is depicted in the painting shows that the artist intention was to show the viewer how poverty can really change someone’s physical appearances. The painting may appear comical and funny as Jean-Michel Basquiat had intended, but deep down and hidden within the painting, he intended to pass on a very important message.