We find a dominant mass of red paint with petrol scrawled in large lettering across the right hand side. There is then a whole plethora of items, most of which are labelled in order to help us decipher the chaotic world of this artist. He would often make reference to people or events from the past and within Liberty we find Roosevelt mentioned, for example. There are parts of the body here as well, just as he would continue throughout many of these excitable, expressive displays. Several abstract heads are included, as well as teeth and a slim torso, though each one served a slightly different purpose within the final artwork. Liberty remains one of the most famous Basquiat creations, even from such a long list of successful designs.

The artist would work quickly, and his imagery convinced many of a lack of planning within his compositions. Actually, everything is well thought out, and each element within the composition was considered with a particular theme in mind. Basquiat was aggressive in how he demanded the viewer to consider his views and concerns, even though many would not be able to decipher his creations without some assistance. He would typically address issues around race within his paintings and during the 1970s and 1980s this was a major issue within the US, particularly for those from minority backgrounds. In today's world these issues are just as important as before, but the ways in which they are discussed has changed, with many more of the white population now more open to these topics than previously might have been the case, and we can level some influence from this artist is fostering that development.

Basquiat was a key graffiti artist who helped to promote the unique qualities of American art in the late 20th century. He was original, providing a rare fusion of different cultures which was typical of the US, but not quite in the particular combination that he used within his work. There was Puerto-Rico, Africa and Caucasian elements from western society all mixed in together and he also was socially and politically engaged, regularly speaking out on issues that concerned him. Today's society has not entirely moved on from many of these issues, in fact some of them are now more under the microscope that ever before, meaning that his own work is as relevant today as it ever has been. This prominence has also been underlined in the valuations that his paintings have received, running into the many millions for single artworks alone as more and more people show an interest in acquiring some of his works which now display a great connection to the changing society. Some examples of his best work includes Trumpet, Skull and Untitled Boxer.