Jean-Michel did a lot of graffiti in the subways and New York wall with an objective of sending messages that discouraged people from practising nepotism, greed, and racism. In his lifetime, Jean-Michel did several significant works recognised the world over. In the article, we will discuss in detail 'In Italian' one of the painting he did in 1983. In Italian was among the many best painting that demonstrated Jean-Michel creative talent.

Done in 1983, In Italian used a collection of symbols that Jean-Michel loved using in several of his work. However, the genesis of the word In Italian is not drawn in this painting. Jean-Michel used only one Italian word 'Sangue' which mean blood. However, he closed the Italian word 'Sangue' out and replaced it with a Latin word 'Sangre'.

Consequently, the word ‘crown of thorns’ is another standard reference that appears in several works done by Jean-Michel. To express an incident, he encountered during his childhood, Jean-Michel uses the word corpus and a heart diagram with blood. In the background, Jean-Michel uses several larges patches of pink, mint green, and blue. He demonstrated the paint like layers of old colours peeling off the wall of a building. As a result, the combination of these colours gave In Italian an epic and fascinating piece of work. Jean-Michel uses a combination of various theme when working on In Italian. These themes are religion, relationships and culture. Even without formal training, Jean-Michel demonstrated his closeness to the Caribbean and African-American culture. He then used bright colours to position his paint to fit an urban context.

Indeed, In Italian, remains as one of unclassifiable painting to date. However, any person willing to see the work of Jean-Michel can visit the museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles, California. Jean-Michel Basquiat stands out among many epic artists in the late 20th century when he worked on Italian and other famous masterpieces. Though he started his journey by doing graffiti in New York's walls, his popularity grew because his themes inspired many people in his era. However, his social-political themes and love for human anatomy and clear themes inspired him to work on this masterpiece.

In Italian in Detail Jean-Michel Basquiat