The artist employed the style of neo-expressionism in creating fishing. The original fishing art was measured to be of (172.7 by 198.1cm). The untitled (fishing) has many elements of Jean-Michel Basquiat street works.

The main element of Untitled (fishing) is black with incorporated thorn-like elements on its head. The form work of fishing appears to be a skeleton that has white markings which seem to be a representation of a structure of a human body.

Additionally, the skeleton on “fishing” is presented as holding a fish in its hand with the aid of a string which could be assumed to be a fish line. The fish is painted black and blue.

Further analysis of the background shows that there is a mix of colours which include shades of pink and yellow. The artist has used the painting of “fishing” to showcase his expertise and skill to blend colors to produce a magnificent piece of art.

Fishing as a part of art that was created in the 20th century is an indication that Jean-Michel Basquiat was a talented street artist that had the skills and zeal to produce authentic and stunning imagery.

In addition to this, fishing can also be categorized as being among the original artworks that were created in the studio by Jean-Michel Basquiat after he stopped painting buildings in 1981. The focus on creating “fishing” among other artworks in a studio exposed Jean-Michel Basquiat to critiques and collectors.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of the most renowned artists globally. He was considered to be a cultural figure and a pop icon before and after his death. Additionally, he was also known to be a musician and a neo-expressionist painter in the 20th century.

He was dedicated to producing artwork that intended to pass relevant information to the society. Mostly, he employed graffiti paintings which he painted on buildings.

On most of his paintings if not all, he used the pseudonym SAMO which gradually earned him fame due to the level of expertise that he showed in the design of his paintings. Fishing is one of the most famous paintings that he created in the 20th century among other artworks.