Here we find two figures making their way across a plain landscape, with form constructed from simple line drawings. They have a cow with them who stands in the middle and the two humans sports Basquiat crowns which are hovering above their heads in a similar way to a halo. The figure nearest the centre of the drawing holds an item in his right hand which he clings to tightly, suggesting a great significance. There are also several words scrawled on the back of it which would likely help us to determine just what exactly it is. This figure is coloured fairly brightly, whilst the man behind him is left only as an outline, again pointing towards the hierarchial importance of the two. Besides them are two large areas of black paint, loosely added in an expressive manner that was not about precision. These presumably are the marshes through which these two individuals are plotting a course.s

Some careful study reveals the words "Royal Sugar" on the item being carried, suggesting that it is actually a sack of sugar. Again, it is hard to quite understand the precise meaning of this as intended by Basquiat, but it is clear that this holds some significance, otherwise the artist would not have added this lettering. He would frequently use roughly scribbled words in order to allow us a greater detail of his messages and symbolism as sometimes these could be seemingly random and represented his deep and complex mind which sat behind all of his best work.

The final piece measures 76cm wide by 57cm tall, approximately, and takes a prominent position within the Davos Collection. This region is most famous for the Kirchner Museum which represents the impressive German Expressionist artist, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, but is also known for the meetings of the rich and famous of the world which takes place every year. The region itself hosts a good number of different cultural spots including several different museums and art galleries. Aside from that are a number of other contemporary artists, with a number of Edvard Munch paintings also to be found within this region, with most items here covering North European artists, with some occasional items from further afield, just as with Basquiat's Dwellers in the Marshes.