The Comic Book illustrates Basquiat's life, his comic heroes, and the difficulties he experienced as a black man. This painting is full of classical themes and it was able to pass a clear message on social injustices in the US. This painting utilizes vivid colors which breathe new life into the first three parts of the painting while the remaining five parts lack vivid colors portraying the different aspects of this artwork. The subjects in this painting have been made to represent how Basquiat perceived life with a female character who overcomes the hurdles hurled at her by a man. This represented the great role that his mother had in his upbringing and he reciprocated this into his art.

Basquiat drew his inspiration from the oppression and control that African Americans were subjected to which he vehemently addressed with his art. Andy Warhol greatly influenced Basquiat and he became his mentor and idol. These two artists collaborated on a series of paintings that were unique in their style. Among his other artworks were Irony of Negro Policeman, Hollywood Africans, Untitled Boxer and Trumpet. This painting mixes positive messages with stereotypes. Thanks to his mixed-media style that he would corporate various media in his paintings including graphite, acrylic, ink to felt-tip pens. The Comic Book combines thick lines and comic characters that were typical of his artworks.

Basquiat was associated with the Neo-Expressionism style which he showcased to the world through pop culture and street poetry. This made his artworks gather a massive following and they became popular, also, it made the graffiti sub-culture that was symbolic in New York to be accepted. This new form of art was embraced and it was even showcased in fine art galleries. The Comic Book is an illustration of how Jean-Michel Basquiat viewed art as life and he drew his subjects from his heritage. His artworks were criticized for not being conventional but this did not stop him as he continued with his signature painting style that brought his arts so much success. The Crown Book explains the numerous difficulties that African Americans face but with the inspiration of the heroes like musicians and athletes they can overcome them.