His work mainly consists of obsessive scribbling, diagrams, and elusive symbols. Additionally, he used to mask and skull imageries while starting in his career but slowly perfected his art. When one takes a close look at the 50-cent piece, Marcus Garvey's drawing is a Black Nationalist leader. Also in the picture is a 50-cent coin that is conspicuous in the drawing. Moreover, this drawing shows random ideas that are mashed up with dense patterns of images that are not connected in any way. Critics argue that the 50 cent piece drew its inspiration from commerce, history, science, and culture.

The painting is one of Daros Suite of Thirty-Two Drawings. It was one of the best pieces of this collection that brought out Michel's expertise in drawing. The painting was originally painted in acrylic, and the painter used charcoal and crayon to paint certain areas. Additionally, pastel and pencil were also used to paint on the canvas. The theme brought forth sets a serious mood. Jean-Michel painted Marcus Garvey in this particular painting for a reason. He believed in equality for all regardless of the race. Marcus Garvey was a Black Nationalist leader from Jamaica and believed that all black Americans needed financial independence from white society. Here, in this painting, Jean-Michel tried to bring out this message for all to see. Also, Jean-Michel calls out industries responsible for slavery and the oppression of the minority in the United States.

François Duvalier, a black nationalist and a politician from Haiti, inspired the name of this drawing. He was soon elected president and turned his rule to totalitarian. Power got to his head and was soon killing anyone who had any potential of becoming a fierce opponent. However, before his career in politics, he was a doctor. That earned him a nickname that was 'Papa Doc'. Further, in this particular drawing, there are medical terms that have been scribbled and at times, leave the viewers to their own devices to decipher what these terms mean. The drawing is currently located in Zurich, Switzerland, along with the entire Daros collection. Jean-Michel's style of painting was unique and in some way, managed to bring out the intended theme. His paintings are truly remarkable.